5760355000909824 iNaturals Care 天然有機護膚品 Esse 益生菌全效抗敏套裝 Esse益生菌全效抗敏套裝: - Esse 全方位益生菌平衡精華液 Probiotic Serum 30ml - Esse 益生菌水潤保濕霜 Hydro Moisturiser 50ml ** 特別適合有敏感、濕疹、痤瘡、暗瘡、及問題皮膚使用 舒緩敏感、暗瘡問題的秘訣是屏障護理 創新益生菌醫學護膚 天然無害 Product #: inaturalscare-Esse 益生菌全效抗敏套裝 2022-05-09 Regular price: $HKD$1680.0 Available from: iNaturals Care 天然有機護膚品In stock When I put the Probiotic Serum, it seems a bit oily. BUT the skin takes all after a while. After applying the hydro moisturiser, it feels very comortable. I have sensitive skin. Wearing the face mask makes it even worse. I got this set in early February. Although the instruction says applying the Probiotic Serum at night only, I use it both in the morning and at night. The texture of Hydro Moisturiser is very smooth and fine. If it is in pump bottles, it would be much more user-friendly. I love this set because it really improve my skin condition. My skin looks smoother and brighter, and the pores are tightened after using it for 2.5 months. Now I am running out of it and I have just placed order online. I will try to use the probiotic serum just at night this time (coz it's expensive to me) and see if I can still keep the skin condition. At last, I have to say that the staff is very helpful. They contacted me very soon after I placed my order and gave me good advice, like using these two products together for better result. The delivery is speedy too. 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0